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Welcome to Svenska Energigruppen (Swedish Energy Group)! We are supporting both industry organisations and residential consumers in their efforts to reduce energy usage. We want to help individuals and companies to understand and obtain a more efficient use of energy. Through information and in-depth analysis we seek possibilities to increase both awareness and knowledge of our customers.

Svenska Energigruppen is specialised in processing and visualise energy consumption data, and we have extensive knowledge and years of experience in energy technology, smart meter data (AMI systems) and analysis of new electricity price/tariff structures. With our products companies do not only reduce energy usage… they also obtain cost savings and protects the environment!

energiinfo™ (energy info)

energiinfo™ is a product carefully designed with different energy consumers in mind. energiinfo™ visualize energy consumption data through a user-friendly interface including easy-to-understand graphs and charts. The tool is appreciated and used in both organisations in the energy industry as well as residential consumers with an common interest in their own energy consumption.

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